Planning & Ideas on Commercial Kitchens

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Kitchen areas come in most shapes, dimensions and construction – in the humble domestic kitchen having a couple of cabinets, a work surface along with oven, towards the huge industrial kitchen areas; the houses of recipes that end up on supermarket shelves or freezers. In all of those, however there exists a different creature – the commercial kitchen. 

The commercial kitchen could be a relatively compact unit depending upon the market to be serviced. A little gastropub serving twenty to thirty clients each day, requires only a couple of feet of work surface, an oven, deep fryers, the common microwave, and obviously, sinks with cold and hot water.

At the college canteen, the only purpose is to feed 100s of starving kids in the least time possible, has got the same fundamental needs as the gastropub. Possibly more of them, however, the basic principles stay the same.

How do you plan in getting a brand new kitchen or possibly remodeling kitchens? Small, large, or intermediate, there has to be a design. The equipment requirements, the where to position the units inside the cooking area, easy usage, energy source, and much more! These questions are basic in kitchen design.
Three factors to consider when buying commercial kitchen equipment: 

Budget – Budget should be carefully considered. Even when it’s some “off the wall” figure plucked out of the ether, after being lured by television advertisements, or glossy pamphlets, a concept of what the first is prepared to spend should be the very first criteria.

Functionality – Which kind of food will be cooked in the kitchen area? Fresh? Bought in pre prepared? Pre-packed and ‘nuked’ within the microwave? Or a combination of the three? That decision will have an impact upon the choosing the right equipment needed.

Materials – Globally, stainless is considered as the best surface for commercial kitchen areas. Individual models, benches, worktops, cabinets could be built or modified for just about any size or type of kitchen. Stainless is simple to wash, and keep the strict hygiene needs from the Food Standards Agency. Once the units are set up and fitted and the stainless is of excellent quality, they’ll give many years of service. Sometimes, the least expensive cost doesn’t mean the very best value.

A lost of commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers nowadays produce equipment, from cookers to microwaves, in stainless steel, thus allowing a fusion between standard and bespoke equipment.

Visually, there’s something reassuring about your kitchen that does not only gives the appearance of being clean and bright, but knowing that it really is.

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