Bathroom Remodeling in Houston

The bathroom receives some of the highest traffic in the entire home; it just makes sense to make it a more comfortable place. Whether you are seeking a remodel on a master bath suite, a simple guest bath or the busiest bathroom in the home, Texas Allied can bring your ideas to life. We offer the following bathroom remodel services to Houston homeowners:

Flooring: Tile, wood, faux wood or even carpet – we install any floor that suits your needs, so you can feel comfortable under foot when you step out of the shower.

Cabinets: More families are deciding to expand the storage space in the bathroom, and for good reason. Having towels, toiletries and medications within reach is a valuable amenity that just makes life easier.

Countertops: Bathrooms are utilitarian, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful as well. Whatever countertop material you want to give your bathroom polish – marble, granite or a sparkling tile – our bathroom remodeling services in Houston can provide it.

Electrical: What lighting fixtures would make your bathroom shine? Let us install them. Plus, if any electrical problems exist, we can repair or replace wiring to make the entire space safer and more functional.

Plumbing: Perfect pipes are of the utmost importance. If needed, we can evaluate and repair your current pipe system before any tub, sink or shower installations for a safer, more cost effective result.

Tubs and showers: If you need a standard tub or shower, we have cost effective plates that fit over your existing unit; say goodbye to mold and mildew with this non-porous material. If the spectacular showers and tubs everyone dreams of are within your budget, we can perform the installation to make your dream come true.


Contact us for a Free Estimate!

When it’s time for a bathroom remodel, Houston homeowners trust Texas Allied first. Visit us to request a free, in-home estimate on the bathroom remodeling services you’re interested in. We will be glad to meet with you.



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