Tips and Tricks on Designing Small Spaces

For young couples who are still starting out, designing the house on a budget is already a strain. Combine this with a small space and you have a headache to contend with. Here are some tips and tricks on how to design small spaces from a home improvement Houston, TX company.

The first step is to think about a particular style you would want to have in your home. Consider things like a theme, the size of your home, presence of babies or toddlers, or your business.

According to interior designers, the kind of style which would most likely go with a small space is what is called as modern décor. Certainly, there would be styles which would be more expensive but the common problem of these decorations is their sizes.

What does this kind of style consist of?

  1. For the sleeping area, the bed would need a simple and plain headboard. For the sheets, lines or blocks or any subdued design will go well with your theme. The bedside tables must also be simple.
  1. Make sure that your lamps also do not take up much space. You can check out various options for industrial lamps in local stores.
  1. If you want a carpet in the living room or in the bedroom, opt for simple rugs which are not too thick. To spice up a room, hang some curtains. To make the room look a little bigger, choose plain colored curtains. Sheer fabric is also suggested.
  1. The cupboard in the kitchen must also be plain. Elaborate designs are not recommended for it will just engulf the room and make it appear even smaller. You can paint it with a color that matches the rest of the room. The key is to keep everything simple.
  1. The dining table can consist of a slab of wood on legs. Or you may want glass tables. Round ones are good space savers. The chairs must be straight and plain.
  1. Vases and frames in the living room must not be straight and simple. What makes modern décor work is that the lines and structures do not overwhelm the space. Its basic philosophy is boldness over detail.

small study room design

Decorating a small house can be a bit of a challenge. But if your follow these simple tips and tricks, you can make your tiny home appear like a mansion. For more home improvement Houston, TX tips, visit

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