Installing Outdoor Shower Enclosures

Outdoor showers are common among backyards and swimming pools. They not only accent the area but provide a comfortable place to freshen or clean up after a walk or swim under the heat of the sun. Some models are designed portable for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking. To complete the functionality of these outdoor showers, they often come with enclosures, designed to provide privacy and protection to outdoor showering.

Outdoor shower enclosures make outdoor showering unsightly, especially if a lot of people tend to pass by the area. They are designed either built together with the outdoor shower system or a separate unit that can be suspended from wooden pipes or wire attachments over the outdoor shower. They are an essential accessory to every outdoor shower system.

Types of Outdoor Shower Enclosures

There are two primary types of shower enclosures you may need to consider when doing home remodeling according to their construction. One type is built fixed or permanent over the backyard or garden shower, while the other is made portable, allowing temporary use.

Fixed outdoor shower enclosures are designed to be permanently attached over the outdoor shower areas. They provide permanence, ultimate comfort, and adequate space for both showering and clothes changing. They are, therefore, commonly used in backyard or garden shower areas.


Portable outdoor shower enclosures, on the other hand, feature a lighter and more compact design that fixed models. They are designed to be set up every time it is needed and to be taken down when not in use. They can serve as portable toilet enclosures or small changing rooms.

Choosing and Installing Outdoor Shower Enclosures

Before choosing which type of outdoor shower enclosure should you purchase, consider your purpose first. If you are to use the enclosure on your backyard permanently because you have a pool, opt for a fixed model. On the other hand, if you are frequently going on camps and hikes and you want privacy when showering outdoors, then get a portable model.

Installing portable models should never be difficult since they come with instructional manuals when you buy them. Setting up fixed models is harder and may require take a lot of time. To ensure perfect installation, seek the advice and assistance of professionals. For more information about home remodeling, visit

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