Designing you Child’s Room

The moment you find out that you’re having a child or another one, make sure to set a time before he or she comes out to prepare his or her room. A room addition Houston company can help you do this in case there is no available room for him or her yet.

After the room addition comes the fun part – the decoration. Designing your child’s room is not as easy as it seems. When planning for the perfect bedroom for your little one, certain considerations have to be kept in mind.

The first factor to consider when designing your child’s room is the specific child who will use the bedroom. Is your child a boy or a girl? Until how old will he or she stay in that room?

If you are going to put up a nursery, start with the basics: a comfy baby cot, changing table, a chair fit for feeding, and enough storage space for your baby’s stuffs.  Install mobiles to entertain them since babies spend most of their time on their back. If budget is not an issue, you can even go as far as painting the ceiling with different colors and different sceneries.

As your baby grows into a toddler until he goes to school, the room needs to be changed in order to suit his changing needs. For his physical and mental development, install a play and study area. Do not clutter the room with furniture yet since kids require lots of space to roam around and place their toys while at play.


When children share a room, it is important to designate clearly their own space and personal areas. To do this, use furniture pieces or color to define the space or put the child’s name on the designated space. Encourage your child’s creativity in personalizing his or her room.

You can stick to your child’s favorite theme when designing the room. And finally, make the room flexible and versatile. Your children will grow, with changing needs. Make sure the room grows with them.

These are some tips to consider when adding and decorating a child’s room in your house. For more information about room addition in Houston, visit

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