Toying with Color and Safety

In laying out the plan for your child’s bedroom, you might find yourself stuck with deciding what color to use. And for sure, the wide array of colors out in the market doesn’t make the job easier. For some, it’s safe to use pink as the motif for a girl and blue for a boy. By all means, do so. But don’t get stuck on it and don’t go over the top.

Here are some room painting tips from a home improvement Houston, TX company that you may want to keep in mind.

To find out the perfect hue, try the different shades of one color. Or you can opt to go with a neutral color such as white. This predominant scheme will surely make the bright-colored accessories in your child’s bedroom stand out. If you or your child prefers pastel, do so, but opt for the strong-toned color like turquoise or lavender. These colors make the best backdrops for primary-colored accessories, furniture and toys.

The bedroom walls are the largest areas to challenge yourself with when already painting your child’s bedroom. You can paint the wall with different designs and patterns like dots, stripes and other designs. Engage your child in painting the walls like painting a mural or do-it-yourself wallpaper together.  Encourage your child’s creativity by letting him paint a part of the room with blackboard paint. In this way, your child can draw to his heart and imagination’s content without destroying the wall’s surface.


After finally painting the walls, you also have to consider your child’s safety inside the bedroom. The bedroom will be your child’s haven, so make sure he or she stays safe. Make sure you use socket covers. To prevent children from tripping over cables, clip them. Furniture that are free standing should be secured safely. Secure raised or high bunk beds with railing to prevent your child from falling. Storage cabinets should be low enough for children to reach but not low enough for them to climb on.

After these considerations, you are assured of many years of happy and safe bunking for your child! For more tips and ideas about home improvement Houston, TX, visit





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