The Importance of Having Children’s Play Room

Every growing child needs some place that belongs just to him. Play is very important, for this is how he develops good strong bones and muscles. During the first year, he will do well in a playpen. There he will feel safe, and you will have far less cause for worry. Give him a few useful toys, and he will play happily for hours.

As your child grows, it is better for him to have a larger space in which to play in. If possible have your back yard fenced in, giving him more room to run around. There are so many things that he will want to explore, so much for him to do. All of these are very important to his normal development. At this early age, he will enjoy putting things together and placing various objects in an empty box.


For playing indoors, your child needs a room where he can play and keep his own toys, with shelves low enough that he can reach his play things readily. Bedroom addition plans should then be a priority. He will need a small table and chair in it and these should be strongly built. A gate or other barrier across the doorway will help protect him from injury.

Growing children will naturally get dirty, for they cannot help wanting to climb, run, and explore everything they see. They need toys that are large enough to push and pull around. A sand pile in the backyard provides a wonderful means of almost constant entertainment while encouraging him to use his muscles and his mind. It will also give him the opportunity to use his imagination, for every toy becomes a plane, a car, or a train, and he is the pilot, the engineer, or the conductor. This helps in developing his mind and body.

Be sure to remove all things from the house and yard that are easily broken or have sharp edges. Don’t leave anything around that can be swallowed or inhaled. Help him find the fun of living without encountering too much danger. If you have bedroom addition plans, visit




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