How to Repair Bathroom Shower Tiles

No matter how sturdy and durable your shower tiles are, after many years of use, they would eventually get damaged due to water exposure and mold infection. Loose bathroom shower tiles do not always require replacement, especially if the damage is quite simple. However, there are specific instances that require you to take away broken tiles and change them with new ones.

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To guide you in repairing loose or broken shower tiles, take note of the following instructions from a Houston bathroom remodeling company.

  1. Regularly check your bathroom shower tiles if there are any damaged pieces. Always have your tools ready so that in cases that a repair is needed, you can work on the problem right away.
  1. If the shower tile is slightly loose or there is very little movement, try re-grouting it. Using a carbide grout saw, file the old grout away and make a new application. Shower tiles under this condition are usually held together using a fiberglass mesh and are of small sizes, hence are easy but quite time-consuming to repair.
  1. If the shower tile is loose enough to make noticeable movements, it is best to pry it out and adhere it again to the backing board or replace it with a new one. Always remember to wear safety glasses as an eye protective gear in cutting, removing, hammering, and sawing a tile.
  1. Use a putty knife in prying up an old tile. Pull off a significant number of shower tiles to expose both the damaged and intact wall, allowing you to determine how much area should be taken off and replaced.
  1. Before setting new tiles, scrape off even the adhesives and mortars of the old and damaged tiles as much as you can to prevent interfering with the re-bonding. Take advantage of a cold chisel made of hardened steel in effectively scraping mortars.
  1. Because nothing will adhere to dirt, dust, and mildew, it is best to clean the damaged shower surface first. Use a strong bleach to kill both the mold and mildew. After washing the area, dry it using a hair dryer.
  1. If the area is already dry, you are ready to re-bond the old tiles or set new ones. You can do this by using a thin-set mortar or adhesive mastic. Leave it for at least 24 hours to dry. As soon as the surface dries, you can apply new grout.

Bathroom shower tile damages are inevitable. Make sure to regularly inspect your shower and bathroom tiles to see if there is any problem. If all else fails, consult with a Houston bathroom remodeling company. For more information, visit




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