Installing Bathroom Sinks

Damaged bathroom sinks require replacement of a new one for continuous functionality of the bathroom. Replacing a new bathroom sink involves taking out of the old, damaged sink and installing a new one. To help you replace an old bathroom sink, here are guided step-by-step instructions that you can follow as suggested by a professional bathroom remodeling Houston TX company.


  1. Prepare all the materials that you will need in installing a new bathroom sink. These include lavatory sink, prefabricated countertop, pipe wrench and channel locking pliers, acrylic sealant, and more.
  1. Switch off the water supply directed to your bathroom. Afterwards, remove the water lines located between the stop valves and the faucet. Disconnect the straight, vertical arm that attaches the faucet to drain stopper arm by loosening the spring clip or the thumb screw and separating the two arms apart.
  1. Using a basin wrench with a long metal arm and a curved claw, remove the faucet from the old sink. Loosen all the tail piece nuts close to the strainer, to disconnect the tube below it. Using a screw driver or a nut wrench, loosen the clips that hold the old sink in place.
  1. Now, using a utility knife, cut the seal that attaches the old sink to the cabinet or the wall. You should then be able to lift the sink out.
  1. Before putting on the new sink, remember to thoroughly clean the surface. Between the base plate of the faucet and the sink’s top, insert a rubber gasket that will create a watertight seal.
  1. Check if your new sink fits the countertop and side walls of your bathroom. If there are small gaps, use caulk or sealant to cover these gaps.
  1. Before permanently installing your new sink, you would have to install the drain assembly and faucet first. Using a channel-locking pliers or pipe wrench, assemble the faucet according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can apply a little amount of plumber’s putty on the flange’s underside on the drain to seal it together with the sink.
  1. Install the sink by applying a significant amount of caulk to the underside of its rim. Make sure that the caulk’s color matches that of the new sink. Carefully lower the sink in place, grasping it by the faucet. As it lies down neatly on its place, press firmly and take away excessive caulk using a putty knife. Allow the caulk to dry for a few minutes.
  1. Once the new sink is already stably set in place and the caulk has been dried, you can now connect the water supply lines and the drain lines to the sink. Do not overtighten the connection.

10. Restore water and checker if there are leaks in the drain lines.

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