Decorating the Additional Room

When your family is growing and your house seems to have limited rooms, a good solution is to have family room additions which can easily be executed by professional home remodelers and designers. Once the additional room has been created and set up, here are some interesting tips on how to decorate it.

  1.  Plan for the design. Identify who will use additional room. Will it be for the kids or the entire family? Knowing who will primarily stay in the room will help you determine its style and design. Girls love pink paint and girly furniture, while boys prefer masculine design and action figures as decorations. Identify the most suitable look of the room.
  1.  Fill it up with furniture. Study the shape of the additional room, its height from the floor and its width. Is your bed okay facing the wall so that you can use it as a couch? Make sure that the furniture arrangement is practical and appealing to you. The bed, cabinet, shoe rack, computer, and bookshelf should have their own place or corner in the room.
  1.  Install proper lighting. Make sure that the additional room has proper lighting system. Especially if it is going to be used as a study or play area, the room should be bright for the children’s benefits.
  1.  Accessorize. Liven up a dull room by putting colorful accessories and decors, such as stuff toys, picture frames, posters, stickers, glow-in-the-dark figures, wall clock, and the likes.
  1.  Put everything in place. Concentrate on little spaces that can be used for storage purposes. Study your closet. Why don’t you hang a compartmented bag on the inside of the door closet? You can put your small things there like belts, jewelry pieces, pens, and purses. Use the space under the bed as storage for bigger items like guitar and bags.

Kowitz family room additions

Newly created family room additions may seem dull and monotonous at first. However, if you decorate it properly, it will eventually blend with the rest of the house. For more information about home remodeling, visit




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