Cheap Ways to Liven Up a Room

Want to brighten up a room but tight in a budget? Do you desire to have the same elegant kitchen in lifestyle magazines but cannot afford a grandiose makeover? Are you dying to have a bedroom similar to the ones featured in the television but your wallet’s been ransacked?

Incredulous as it sounds, you can have your dream home makeover without going bankrupt. Here are some fantastic home improvement ideas from various home remodelling companies.

For Rooms with Plain-Looking Walls

If you love the color of your walls, you don’t have to repaint it; you just have to jazz it up a little. Get yourself a cheap wall border available in most department stores. Pick a pattern with personality – bold colors work best for a bubbly personality!

If you hate the color and tired of using paint, you can simply use wallpaper to give your walls a whole new look. Try this super inexpensive trick: make your own wallpaper using old magazines, stylish gift wrapping papers, or even maps.


For Rooms with Non-Existent Ambience

Sometimes, all it takes to brighten up a room is perfect lighting. If you’re sporting a feminine, cozy feel in your bedroom, try using pink light bulbs. Cheap paper lanterns can also add zest to your living room. Pick bold colors and various shapes and sizes to achieve your desired effect.

For Rooms with Lifeless Windows

Cheap curtains with cool designs are readily available in vintage shops. Try using extra-long curtains for an elegant look. You may also opt to use white mosquito netting cloth and hang it on your windows. Get plastic flowers, such as various-colored daisies and stick them in random order on the cloth. Not only is this practical; it’s also very unique and creative!

For Rooms with Lackluster Ornaments

In decorating a room, little accessories can have big effects. Buy inexpensive vases and jars in various colors and sizes and put them together on one table or shelf. Accessorize that old table with a metal bowl filled with green apples. Gather up artistic photos and line them up above the door. Put a pile of your favorite books on a wooden chair. Mix up throw pillows and display them together on your couch.

Home remodeling companies suggest that redecorating a house should not be very expensive. As long as you know creative ways in doing so, you can liven up the mood of your home without spending so much. For more tips and information about home remodeling, visit





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