Bathroom Necessities You Should Consider: Lighted Mirrors

When it comes to bathroom remodeling in Houston TX, you have many options to consider. This is especially true when you need to decide on your bathroom lighting. The type of lighting to be used, where it should be placed, and how it is used are just some of the factors you need to decide on. However, there is a lighting fixture that you may want to use. This is the lighted mirror. A lighted mirror may sometimes go unnoticed especially when it is perceived as a vanity tool. Know more about lighted mirrors and how it can illuminate your bathroom further by reading the following information.

Lighted Swing Arm Mirror

The swing arm mirror is the most common type of lighted mirrors. It is commonly placed at the height of the user. It is very important that you exactly measure the height of the mirror, especially when it is mounted on the wall. To achieve this, sit in a chair and measure the length and distance from the floor to your eyes. Make sure that the mirror will be at an angle appropriate to illuminate your face. Also, check the location of your light. It should not cast any shadows when it is positioned at an angle, so you will not have to experience difficult time fixing yourself up.


Lighted Floor Mirror

If you want to see yourself in full length, the lighted floor mirror is just the right kind for you. This can be put anywhere, like beside your bath tub or near your dressing area. This can be illuminated to give you a clear glimpse of your whole body, so make sure that there is an electrical outlet near it. Also, this type of mirror should be placed in a spacious area. Bathrooms with minimal space may need another kind, like the stationery lighted mirror, which can also be used as a medicine cabinet.

You can combine different kinds of lighted mirrors to give your bathroom a full illuminated effect. However, this should be properly positioned with regard to the lighting source. Typically, the interior designers know these kinds of designs. To talk to professionals about bathroom remodeling in Houston TX, go to









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