Playroom Ideas: Coolest Toys for Kids

A playroom is not complete without the fun elements in it. Your children can enjoy hanging around the playroom without having to bother you especially when you have tons of work to do. Further, you can play with them and let them experience what fun is all about. New toys are usually included in family room additions in Houston TX. The toys can be priced at different amounts but there are cool toys that you can consider to make your playroom more exciting.

Room Additions

Dragon’s Dungeon

Encourage your children’s imagination by including this toy in their playroom. Perfect for kids with all ages, this medieval-themed toy will truly satisfy your kids’ imagination. You can also play around with them and see how they can make an adventure story out of the characters. The Dragon’s Dungeon is perfect for kids who are interested in knights and superheroes.

Leap Reader Pen

If you want something to stir their education interests, the Leap Reader Pen is an excellent toy you may want to consider. This is not just an ordinary pen as it is made to instruct your kids to trace the letters on the book provided. It also has a clear speaker system that will help your kids trace out the numbers and letters while emitting lights and sounds as they do a good job. The pen already has an embedded ink so you child will only have to press down the pen. Also, it does not write on any other surfaces except the book, so the walls and furniture in their playroom are safe from vandalism.

Adventure Doll Set

Paper dolls are always interesting to kids, especially the females. The Finn and Maeve Faraway Land Great Adventure Paper Doll Set is great for kids of any gender. Your kids can play with it for hours as they follow a great adventure story. This adventure doll set is also priced affordably at only $15. There are other doll sets you can choose to let your kid’s imagination run wild.

These are just a few of the coolest toys for your kids. To know more ideas about family room additions in Houston TX, visit






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