Types of Carpet for Your Home

Choosing the right carpet is just as extensive as choosing the right furniture for your home. Carpets do require huge investments, so you need to be extra smart in choosing the best one. Moreover, you will be using the carpet for a long time, so you want it be as cost-effective as possible. Home improvement in Houston TX takes great consideration in choosing carpets. Here are a few tips to remember.

Types of Carpet for Your Home

The Right Kind of Fiber

There are numerous carpet fibers to choose from. You need to choose among fibers that will meet your needs.

Nylon fiber is the most durable type. It is resilient and very easy to maintain. This is great for spaces that have a high traffic like the entrance of the house or in the playroom. Most commercial establishments use nylon instead of other types.

Triexta is another kind of fiber. It provides an anti-stain property – perfect for families with pets or children. It may cost around $30 per square yard.

The polyester is another kind of fiber used in carpets. It gives a nice cushion and vibrant color but requires maintenance. This is usually placed in low-traffic areas.

Finally, olefin is also as attractive as polyester, but is more durable. It costs about $25 per square yard.

The Perfect Style

A carpet also has different styles. The most common styles include saxony, textured, frieze, sculptured, and looped. The Saxony will work well in dining and bedrooms since it is more durable than other styles. However, it absorbs footprint and vacuum marks, so it is not ideal for high-traffic areas.

The textured types, on the other hand, can hide marks and is more ideal for people with active lifestyle.
The frieze style is the most expensive, but it offers great durability. It can be used in high-traffic areas.
The sculptured ones are the most affordable and can hide the dirt well.
The looped style, also called berber, offers a classic appearance, but requires high maintenance.

The right fiber and style should go well with a quality brand. A little trick is to bend the carpet and see how the backing is easily seen. To know more about Home improvement in Houston TX, visit http://texasalliedconstructiondemolition.com/about/.



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