Tips in Choosing Tiles for Your Bathroom

Tiles are the most common flooring material in the bathroom. When you do bathroom remodeling in Houston, it is best to choose the tiles that are both durable and stylish. Tiles come in different colors and sizes. Thus, installing tiles to accentuate the over-all theme of the bathroom can add up to the relaxing ambiance that a bathroom should have.

Tiles for Your Bathroom

Here are some tips in choosing tiles for your bathroom.

1. Use smaller tiles in your tub and shower space. This especially applies to bathrooms with small spaces or with curved edges. There are bathroom designs that make use of curved fixtures like built-in chairs and slabs. Small tiles can be installed in curved spaces better than large ones. Having to reshape the tiles can be laborious and very time-consuming. Small tiles, on the other hand, do not take too much weight, so cutting and shaping them are easier.

2. Choose surfaces that are less slippery in wet areas. Houses with small children should need non-slippery tiles for safety. You do not want any accidents in your bathroom, especially when your children begin to run around while taking a shower, do you? Be sure to know which tile is the best for a specific room. There are tiles specially made for the living room, while there are others created exclusively for the bathroom.

3. Take it easy on mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles are very artistic and very tempting to put in the bathroom. However, make sure that the mosaic tiles will not have to be too tiring for the eyes. It has to be installed only at a specific area in the bathroom. Typically, the mosaic tiles are installed in the shower area. Bathrooms with small spaces can be installed with mosaic tiles on the floor, but may need a lot of maintenance.

4. Always choose clean-looking tiles. The bathroom is used several times everyday, so you may want it to be clean as much as possible. Since the bathroom is humid, it can become the breeding ground of bacteria, mold, and mildews. Choose a tile that is easy to clean and very refreshing to see.

These are just a few tips in choosing the best tile for your bathroom. For more ideas in bathroom remodeling in Houston, visit


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