Innovative Equipment’s to Match Kitchen Remodeling Designs

Kitchen Remodeling

The world is fast adapting to technology. Every now and then, you will see innovative home equipment from the living room to the kitchen. For kitchen remodeling in Houston TX, most designers consider the use of innovative kitchen equipment to match a contemporary design. These equipment do not only guarantee a convenient life as these are also designed with flair.

  1. The Roller Toaster. This is a toaster with a fun side. You just need to slide the bread into the toaster and you are ready to eat some perfectly toasted bread, with even crispiness. This kitchen tool is designed by Singaporean Jareh Goh who won the 2006 Red Dot Award due to this smart invention.
  2. Hidden kitchens. This futuristic design is made by Troy Adams, who made it possible that a kitchen can still exist within a kitchen. The pantry door gives an illusion of a storage area but it is actually a refrigerator. The sink and the top range are embedded into a fixture and underneath these is the microwave oven.
  3. The Yummy Touchscreen Kitchen Computer. No longer will you need to take an inventory. This innovative kitchen computer does all the work. This is called the next generation of kitchen necessities as it has a way to keep the track of food by using a scanner. It will keep a good inventory of the rate of the food consumed, and even advice you of the recipes you can cook.
  4. The Diamond Refrigerator by Gorenje. This is actual glamour in the kitchen. The Diamond Refrigerator by Gorenje is made with Swarovski crystals making it one of the most expensive kitchen appliances to date. This equipment has a touch screen function mounted at the eye level of the owner. It also comes with a recipe book, radio and voice recorder.
  5. Samsung Smart Oven. This oven will cook the meals for you. Just program the oven and scan the recipes using a ‘smart code.’ Samsung as partnered with Birds Eye Frozen Foods to develop this equipment and is soon to be available on the market at a price of $525.

These are the top innovative kitchen equipment to consider when doing kitchen remodeling in Houston TX. To know more, visit.


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