Great Remodeling Ideas for Your Kid’s Bathroom

The bathroom is also your kid’s playroom. This is where rubber ducky and all the other squeaky toys come in and play in the tub. It’s a good to style your kid’s bathroom with wonderful decorations so that they can look forward to bath time. Admit it or not, kids are not fond of taking a bath unless there is something fun about it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make every bath an exciting activity for you and your kids? Here are some fun ideas for bathroom remodeling in Houston TX.

Kids Bathroom

Nursery Rhyme Inspired Bathroom

Every child has a favorite nursery rhyme. Why not match it with bath time. Jack and Jill, Humpy Dumpy and even Twinkle Stars can be considered as a theme. Play around with fun and bright colors like yellow, turquoise or green. Match it up with neutral-colored tiles and cabinets. This will give the bathroom a warm touch.

Simplicity Theme

You can play around with colors and make the bathroom as simple as possible. One of the most popular color themes is apple green, highlighted with white borders. The towels and other bathroom accessories are matched with contrasting colors like orange and red. This gives a fresh ambiance so your kids can play around the bathroom with no distraction.

Bold and Bright

Rainbow inspired themes gives a sense of excitement. Match bright colors with neutral ones to achieve fun and warmth. This is a great design especially if the bathroom is shared with the whole family. The adults can appreciate the glow of the entire room and kids can experience how fun it is to take a bath with different colors to see. Some interior designers match orange walls with white tiles and fixtures. This is combined with brown cabinets and rainbow-colored curtains.

Under The Sea

Bring the elements of the sea to your bathroom. You do not have to repaint your walls; just replace your towels and curtains with something that will remind you of the marine life. The hooks can be replaced with octopus hanging around in-between your rod and curtains, your towels can be designed with fishes and your mirrors can be decorated with stickers of marine life creatures.

These are just few of the ideas you can use for your bathroom remodeling in Houston TX. To get more ideas, ask the experts at Texas Allied Construction and Demolition. .


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